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Waste Management Day 2019 Was Devoted to European and National Waste Management Policies. Avanea Eco Team Was Also There.

The 15th International Congress on Waste Management, focused on three main topics: European and national waste management policies, circular economy and technical solutions for waste management. For the first time this year it was held at the Saffron Hotel in Bratislava. In addition to professional presentations, participants also had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition of companies dealing with waste management.

The main topics mentioned are directly related to Avanea Eco Fund, which was also one of the partners of the congress. The fund focuses on supporting projects in the field of waste sorting, recycling, and recovery. Naturally, in addition to funding, legislative support at the national and European levels or the accessibility of the technology are essential for the successful operation of such projects. According to Adrian Vycital, one of the Managing Partners of the IPM Group, “The main goal of Avanea Eco Fund is to support sustainable development and the circular economy through responsible investment. “

We thank the organizers for a great opportunity for professional discussions and we look forward to the next year!

Photo: www.doh.sk