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Peter Plekanec

Peter Plekanec is an expert in waste management, environmental protection, municipal issues, legislation, recycling industry as well as preparation, evaluation and management of projects, including feasibility studies. During his career, he assessed, prepared, and managed environmental projects worth tens of millions of euros and participated in the acquisitions exceeding 100 million euros. He has also been also engaged in assessment activities, especially in the field of environmental impact assessment.

He began his professional career in the field of self-government where he co-authored the first systems of separated collection of municipal waste in Slovakia and the transformation of municipal enterprises in the municipal economy. Subsequently, he worked at Marius Pedersen, a member of the Veolia Group, where he served as regional director, technical director, and later as the group’s sales director during the period of the fastest growth of the Group.

Peter also contributed to the establishment of a total of 3 consulting companies, which continue to influence the legislation and technological development in the field of waste management and environmental protection and practical application of this legislation in Slovakia.

Peter Plekanec is also Executive Vice-President of the Association of Industrial Ecology in Slovakia (ASPEK), which has a 25-year tradition, strong presence in its field of interest and the membership of strong industrial companies, universities and smaller organizations. It is an important partner in supporting the development activities of associated entities in favour of improving the environment in Slovakia and the European Union.

Peter has long been a member of several commissions under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. He also passes on the experience gained from the practice in the form of lectures, training and as a supervisor, consultant or opponent for bachelor’s and master’s theses at several universities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.