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Our Fund’s mission is to support companies in waste management. Maybe even yours.

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About us

AVANEA ECO - a partner for a greener future

We are a part of IPM Group, a British-Slovak investment company that supports projects and companies in the field of infrastructure and technological innovation. IPM Group’s investment portfolio includes, among others, Dunkerque in France, one of Europe’s largest liquefied natural gas terminals, hospitals in Turkey, a solar fund in South Korea, ESS Inc. company bringing pioneering energy storage solution in the US, and Slovak battery R&D and manufacturing company InoBat.

For IPM Group, building a sustainable future is one of its main priorities. Thus, in March 2019, we established a fund with a main objective to finance and strategically support companies conducting business in the field of waste management.

Why cooperate with us:

IPM Group
in numbers

Asset under management

more than
US$1 billion

Number of technological investments


Počet infraštruktúrnych



Acquisition of Dunkerque LNG
One of the largest infrastructural financial transactions in 2018.
National winner of the "Investor of the Year" award in 2018 and in 2019.
Number of infrastructural



Your projects will get a green light

We will choose between 5 to 10 target projects in Slovakia, which will be financed through our Fund. The amount of the initial investment will be ranging from EUR1 to EUR4 million, with an investment term of approximately 5 years. The investment period is set for the years 2019 – 2023 for Equity and Quasi-Equity financing.

Our Fund aims to support new projects that have not yet been implemented, as well as already operating companies that wish to expand, increase capacity, or innovate technologically.

of the fund

30 mil. EUR +
7 mil. EUR 23%


Our goals are a success for everyone.

Separation (t/per year)

1 200

Waste recovery (t/per year)

18 000

Recycling (t/per year)

11 000

Environmental benefits

Benefits for people
Economic benefits

Our Team

We are ready to do this together

Terezia Sulkova

Adrian Vycital

Petronela Halamova

Simon Becica

Peter Plekanec

Marian Bocek

Peter Benko

Dominika Ziakova

Zuzana Balkova

Peter Sochan

Elena Bodikova

Simona Blaskova

Ethics and

Responsible towards the environment, doing business with integrity

Avanea Eco, as IPM Group’s subsidiary, adopted in 2019 the Zero Tolerance Policy to Corruption and the Code of. Our employees are committed to abide to honesty, transparency and fairness in their work. We also require these attributes from all individuals and legal entities who enter into a legal or other relationship with Avanea Eco.


We offer private investors the opportunity to invest in environmental projects in the geographical area of the Slovak Republic and hence to support the circular economy.

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Our address

IPM Avanea Eco Management a.s.

Mostová 2
811 02
Bratislava – Od Town